Web development experts with 20 years of experience.

What do we do?

Our core competence lies in building turnkey web based solutions.

Be it internal applications used by organizations, business-to-business systems or customer-facing websites, we love digging into your business processes, finding ways to improve your operations and then building beautiful and easy-to-use systems to achieve it.

We embrace agile development principles and working in close and continuous contact with the customer in every step of the way to ensure the perfect solution is achieved in the quickest time possible.

We strive for long-time partnerships - a good system is never finished. Business processes evolve, new technologies emerge, everyday users always have feedback. We'll keep on working with you to keep you on the cutting edge.

What have we done?

Our core team has been building websites and web based applications since 1995 - the year widely considered as the starting point of the "commercial" internet.

We are from Estonia - the poster boy for all things digital, the first country in the world to offer "e-residency" and, of course, home of Skype.

We have, among many other things, built the first online auction and the first fully database-powered newspaper website in Estonia.

More specific references are available upon request, but here are some examples of the sites and systems we have built:

Policy and customer management system for independent insurance brokers and agents. The project was acquired by IIZI Group in 2011 and has since evolved into Insly.

Information dissemination system for the Georgian government, which was used during the 2008 Georgia-Russia war to provide real-time information for foreign journalists and diplomats, and was considered as one of the key "weapons" by many renowned experts.

• The registry and reporting system for the deposit-subjected packagings in Estonia.

• The state occupational qualifications registry system for Estonian Qualifications Authority.

• The contract and asset management system of the leading IT equipment leasing company in the Baltic states.

Order and invoice management system for one of the leading newspaper publishing companies in Finland.

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