E-commerce systems

E-commerce and online retail sales have grown dramatically over the past decade and show no sign of slowing down. It is estimated that the total amount of online sales in 2017 will be close to two trillion euros, and will double to over four trillion euros by 2020. People appreciate the convenience of online shopping, as well as the ability to compare options and choose the product that best suits their needs.

The competition in e-commerce is global, and your competitors are not only your fellow domestic businesses but also online shops around the world, from the smallest to the giants like eBay and Aliexpress. Due to their sheer volume, it’s usually hard to beat them in pricing. Often it boils down to what other added value you can provide to your customers - be it product information in your local language, options to select exactly the right product, or fast and flexible shipping options.

Technical platforms

For simpler shops, we use the Voog content management platform and its e-commerce functionality. More complex systems are usually tailor-developed to customer specifications.

Payment solutions

A credit card is the gold standard in online payment. To avoid storing and processing credit card data and having to fulfill all the security requirements that come with it, a payment processor service is usually used. We have experience with EveryPay and Braintree solutions, but will integrate with whatever is the best option for the customer.

Additionally, we can integrate with Paypal or more exotic solutions like cryptocurrencies, the current talk of the town.

Our development process

Although we strongly prefer creative approaches, and "cannot be done" doesn’t belong to our vocabulary, an established process is an integral part of a successful project. We’ve divided our standard process into six steps - read about it here.

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