Tailor-made development

Although tailor-made development is our main business line, it’s quite hard to describe - we could lay out things we have done for our current and past customers, but that would in no way be a complete list. Today’s web-based technologies are close to limitless and enable us to create solutions for the wildest ideas and most complex problems.

So please get in contact with us. Let’s dig into your business processes together and find ways to create a system that will make them more efficient and productive. Below are some possible areas where we can chip in:

Internal Information Systems

The amount of information that employees handle on a daily base is staggering - customer data, stock management, business processes data. A good information management system is a great benefit - effective workflows help employees process more data, and a convenient user interface makes employees’ lives easier and happier. A good system decreases the amount of possible errors and increases data precision. More precise data enables better reporting, and better reporting enables better and faster management decisions.

Self-service portals

When operating in a B2C service business, you can make your customers’ lives a lot easier by providing them a good and convenient self-service system. It can be a simple source of information to provide logged-in customers with their services overview and invoices, but it can also be a place to conveniently upsell services, increasing revenue and setting you apart from your competition.

B2B solutions

At first glance, B2B self-service portals might seem quite similar to their B2C counterparts. However, the devil, as always, is in the detail - B2B customers are usually quite strapped for time and often perform repetitive tasks and make purchases, so it is of great importance to make their interaction flows as simple and straightforward as possible.

Quite often a part of B2B solutions is integration with customer- or supplier systems - either via real-time interfaces (XML, SOAP) or importing/exporting Excel/CSV files with agreed structure.

Integration solutions

We have implemented the following integrations, among others:

Custom solutions

Web technologies allow for a wide range of possible applications and we’ll gladly partner up to develop more complex solutions - digital kiosks, integration with hardware, etc.

Our development process

Although we strongly prefer creative approaches, and "cannot be done" doesn’t belong to our vocabulary, an established process is an integral part of a successful project. We’ve divided our standard process into six steps - read about it here.

Spark your interest?

We will gladly set up a meeting or a phone call to discuss how to make the internet work for your business.

The easiest way to contact us is by filling out the form below. However, all other means of communications are also listed - just pick the one most convenient for you.

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